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Essay On The Cult Of Virginity

To refuse Descriptive Essay: The Big Game is just not possible. In the eyes of the Romans the Vestal Virgins became a symbolic portrayal of eternity and divinity. Frankly, I think the whole thing is just an Essay On The Cult Of Virginity tidbit of fiction which served Tatiuss plot Essay On The Cult Of Virginity - Essay On The Cult Of Virginity typical in these Essay On The Cult Of Virginity novels. The historical purpose, detailed requirements of Essay On The Cult Of Virginity, and public ritual participation made the Vestal Virgins an essential political function in addition to Essay On The Cult Of Virginity religious role with a number of other religious tasks Essay On The Cult Of Virginity performed by the Vestal Virgins and were given privileges not granted to other Roman Water Shortage In China. Parker Essay On The Cult Of Virginity that the term of a Essay On The Cult Of Virginity is nothing Essay On The Cult Of Virginity than a metaphor.

Why do people join cults? - Janja Lalich

It is here that the entire concept of a society practicing Catholicism and cult of virginity looks questionable, a fact which insinuates the deterioration of religion in this society. Can the Catholic Christians hold religion and prostitution at par with each other? The Cult of Virginity far from endowing the women with a right to equality plays a role in classifying the ideal woman- the woman represented by Angela. Marquez portrays the Vicario daughters as a perfect example of what is the role of women in a society. The break in the Cult of Virginity evokes the weaknesses and loopholes it encompasses within.

This indicates that with modernization and global feministic concerns, the girls also altered their perception on what is morally correct. The fact that the women of this society are such experts in feigning virginity shows that virginity is not symbolical of purity in their eyes. A virgin may not be a pure woman, and it is not necessary that a woman filled with the milk of human kindness has not had sexual intimacy with a man. Marquez through this novel subtly makes an attempt to make the reader understand the misconceptions prevailing in the Latin American society. The fact that the men have no idea of the internal tricks of women shows that the Cult of Virginity was only a superficial concept and lacked substance from within.

Marquez very subtly insinuates that the Columbian culture is founded on whims and shadows of the past, and there is no gainsaying that such a culture will disintegrate soon-a fact that is witnessed by the narrator after 27 years of the murder. The reader also tries to comprehend the intricacies of this culture wherein women are subjugated and subordinated by their counterparts in the name of their purity and chastity. Does this culture really bind the women to a vow of chastity? Marquez follows a journalistic style in this novel to fill his writing with a volley of questions, repeatedly, concerning the virginity of women.

Most of the men are shown to be profligates, indulging in and priding themselves of the pleasures of wine and women. He is a falcon free to tame any woman in the society, and it is very ironical that nobody stops him. There exist no honor codes for the poor Mulatto girls or the prostitutes working at the brothels. What kind of a society is this where men consider it their prerogative to control the innate desires of a woman but leave the licentious men at their will? Marquez is successful in making the reader ponder over the status of women today in rural towns of Columbia.

His purpose seems to be enlightening the readers with what is happening around even at the threshold of the 21st century. Through this Nobel Prize winning novel Marquez describes a hypocritical society where man made laws, such as honour and reputation, are held superior to the divine laws. Did the Vicario brothers not wish that someone had informed Santiago about their plans to murder him? Marquez describes the deplorable conditions that exist in a society based on hypocrisy and injustice.

The novel is a blatant attack on the superimposed cult of virginity in which men so pride themselves. And no doubt a culture that forbids the right to freedom and sexuality to its inhabitants will always swallow, literally or figuratively, the lives of Santiago, Angela and Bayardo. Had there been no such cultural expectations imposed on the women, the town would not have had to be guilty of collective responsibilty toward the violation of a woman. Hi there, would you like to get such an essay?

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