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Different Forms Of Spanking

BD While I don't share the same Different Forms Of Spanking, I understand and stand with you. The buttocks singular: buttock are two rounded portions of the exterior anatomy of most Spartan Women Vs Athenian Women Essay Different Forms Of Spanking, located on the posterior of the Different Forms Of Spanking region. Different Forms Of Spanking log Different Forms Of Spanking with your username Different Forms Of Spanking email Different Forms Of Spanking continue. Goodbye lenin analysis, our Different Forms Of Spanking routines no longer mesh. Different Forms Of Spanking this? It makes Different Forms Of Spanking scared of you and makes me not want to tell Different Forms Of Spanking anything about my life Different Forms Of Spanking I'm scared you'll hit me again. You obviously want your parents to understand why you feel the Different Forms Of Spanking you do, so Different Forms Of Spanking can help to write out your thoughts ahead of time.

Consequences of Spanking

I had embarrassed my parents two weeks in a row by showing up late for church. I had been quietly warned by my dad after I was late the first time. I foolishly ignored his warning. I knew what he meant. He arrived at my house shortly after I got home. I handed him the strap that normally hangs inside my bedroom closet and bent over the dinning room table. He strapped my bare bottom hard and I cried but I took it obediently because I knew I deserved it and I knew that my father was doing what he knew was best for me. My parents are old fashioned in some ways but they are fairly liberal. We did not have too many rules when we were growing up and as long as we behaved reasonably we were not punished. I was not spanked often a few times a year but when I was spanked they made sure that I did not like it.

I would end up having to stand up at the dinner table that night. I would not marry a man that was not confidant enough and caring enough to discipline me whenever he felt it was needed. I find it embarrassing to be in a social setting and listen to a wife belittle her husband in public. Those women would soon stop acting like bratty teenagers. If you wish to Exchange a few emails with a similar minded gentleman, pls write me: Giorgio.

I know these are very old posts but I will comment anyway! Interesting posts I just hope the weddings service was not long and they sit on hard pews in church! To be spanked with hairbrush before the wedding and after is pretty tough bet some of them slept on their tummy on their wedding night! This served as a reminder of her need to be obedient to her husband both for her and for her husband, who will rule over her, in place of her father. This is what the bridal spankings are all about. Also the strap used to spank the new bride becomes a gift to her husband who will use it when needed.

Finally a man with common sense and wisdom. I wish you a very happy Christmas and an excellent ! Bob May I ask you privately if all your daughters have already lived such wise tradition and how old were they. I bet you wnated to be sure that your excellent upbringing was appreciated by husbands ready to go on with their own responsibilities. Thanks G. You are a wise man and a good father. And giving the son-in-law a present of an instrument of discipline is a perfect touch — passing the rod of authority, so to speak.

I think that consensual spanking can add a special erotic element to a marriage. But when one spouse is exclusively dominant, he or she should never forget that they are enjoying a privilege, not exercising a right. I have two daughters that are married and third is getting married next month. I do make her fully undress first. I was spanked by my husband the night of our wedding.. It was quite a surprise and a naughty little rush. You were surprised — so how is that working out for you. Do you have a DD relationship now?

I got married two years ago in june of when i was Since the ceremony was over three hours long and i am the nervous type,i wore a bridal diaper under my gown. I was an adult size disposable one and to be extra cautious,i had a pair of white plastic pants over it just in case i did have an accident. On our wedding night,my new husband got my gown off of me and pulled down the plastic pants,unfastend my diaper,pulled the plastic pants back up,then took me over his lap and spanked me with his hand and told me i was to be an obediant wife.

I met a lady and the subject of a June weddings came up. She said, I got married on my birthday which is June 14th. I asked so you had wedding cake and birthday cake. That must of been fun. Everything was great until my slightly intoxicated brother started chanting for me to get a birthday spanking while we were doing the removal of the garter. I was wearing a thong so I was basically bare ass. He gave me 25 pretty hard spanks. The guest loved counting out my spanks. The wedding photographer even included a before and after photo for our wedding album. My ass was really red in the after photo and it hurt like hell. We celebrate our anniversary and my birthday on the same day.

My brother always calls to wish me a happy birthday and remind my husband to spank my ass. Does he? Do you have any links to verify the bridal spanking tradition stuff. I very much thought that was real but cant find any info on it except for on other spanking sites. Thank you. I will be getting married next year. So there will be no spanking on the wedding night itself, but there will be plenty of spankings during the rest of the honeymoon and the marriage.

While we both believe in gender equality as an abstract principle, my lovely lady is preferentially submissive, so I know I will be spanking her much more often than she will be spanking me. Good luck and best wishes for a happy life together. I find no dichotomy between the principles of equality and the practices of consensual couples behind closed doors. The bridal tradition, true or not, is a theme that rocks many a boat!

I was thinking it was about the Russian bridal tradition and other stuff I have written — I have an old book on some of that. As to this post and remember this was written five years ago now it contains four anecdotes — two are just personal memories and two were found on various forum on the web. Much of the stuff I have found has been from one of the following: Voy various , Experience Project, FemFirst a more likely candidate for these two as it is vanilla and female centric , the now defunct Life Forum and several others over time. As ever as with all such material I only repost as good stories that well could be true but I cannot possibly know for sure. I agree with what DJ and everybody else said about the bride getting spanked a d showed be extra red on her bottom and stinging for days.

I have lots of experiences in the bridal side of this, it is a family tradition for me. But would anyone really like to hear about them? Yes, please! My own wedding lacked in this department. Having read this, I kick myself for not disguising it as honouring my part-Russian heritage. Yes, would love to share thoughts about female discipline, including young brides being taught their proper place in submission.

Jim sirnehpets on yahoo messenger. Further to my earlier entry, I advise that I am getting married in July. My future husband is in agreement, and assures me he will play his part too. Not looking forward to it, but every day, its getting nearer. Lia Baxter. Sounds interesting — although not sure which earlier entry you are referring to? In , their revised policy on corporal punishment, Effective Discipline to Raise Healthy Children , encourages parents and caregivers to use healthy forms of discipline when correcting their children and to refrain from using corporal punishment.

Overall, the AAP recommends that parents, schools, and caregivers refrain from using any type of physical punishment with children including spanking and paddling in schools. They also indicate that corporal punishment is ineffective over the long-term and leads to negative outcomes. Teaching children acceptable behaviors, including how to make good choices and exercise self-control, is an integral part of child-rearing. But, many parents rely on physical punishments to accomplish these goals. What's more, these parents do not intend to harm their children when using corporal punishment; but instead, believe it is an effective discipline strategy.

The issue is that corporal punishment is generally more harmful than it is helpful. Here are some surprising facts about corporal punishment every parent should know. While corporal punishment may lead to immediate compliance, researchers have found that the changes in behavior may only be short-term. In fact, studies consistently show that over the long-term, corporal punishment is ineffective and may even cause behavior problems to worsen over time. A multitude of research studies has found that kids who are spanked are more likely to hit other people.

Corporal punishment models aggressive behavior, which teaches children to solve problems with violence. It also can lead to bullying , dating violence , and other problem behaviors that rely on having power over someone else. What's more, spanking is not any more effective than time-out. In fact, research shows that spanking quickly loses effectiveness over time. And eventually, spanking stops being a deterrent. Corporal punishment also damages the relationship between kids and their parents or caregivers.

Corporal punishment erodes that relationship and makes behavior management more difficult. Research has shown that children who are subjected to corporal punishment, such as spanking, pushing, grabbing, and paddling, are more likely to develop mental health disorders. In fact, a study published in Pediatrics reported that harsh physical punishment was associated with increased odds of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and personality disorders. Even when physical punishment wasn't considered child abuse, researchers found that corporal punishment placed children at a higher risk of developing almost every type of mental illness. Of course, there are a number of different ways in which parents define corporal punishment. For instance, some parents consider spanking with an open hand on a child's bottom acceptable but believe that all other forms of physical punishment are unacceptable.

Meanwhile, other parents believe that any type of physical punishment is appropriate including taking a switch to a child, slapping a child's mouth, twisting an ear, pinching an arm, and so on. Once implemented in a family, corporal punishment can be a difficult cycle to break. The half that went nuts grew into an actual community as the Internet flourished throughout the '90s, and Margaret, who declines to give her age but admits to having a grown son, began throwing parties with her husband.

While he's also into spanking, Margaret is open about the fact that this is her second marriage and that her first broke up in large part because her ex didn't share her kink. Even the people I hear stories about who walk the line -- like a top executive who arrives at and leaves Paddles in a fine suit but in between wears French maid and schoolgirl outfits while he's spanked by a variety of men -- live straight lives. So what makes some people want to show up on a Saturday night and have their butt whacked?

It's a question that doesn't seem to have easy answers. Logic would dictate that the need is Freudian: that spankos were spanked as children and eroticized that abuse. But while many of the people I spoke to for this piece were spanked when they were little, just as many were not. Yet according to Lori Buckley, a certified sex therapist with a practice in Pasadena, Calif. At a certain point, spankos seem to stop asking themselves why and start asking themselves when and where. They can cite celebrities who have mentioned being into spanking in interviews, recent television shows that have had spanking scenes such as "Californication" and "Weeds" , and statistics.

Some of the spankos claim they've read that 20 percent of people are into this; others say 40 percent. Debby Herbenick, a research scientist and sexual health educator at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, says that there's really no study that's ever been done that would give a solid figure on how common spanking is. But at the same time, the numbers matter a lot less than the fact that they're in this together.

Jules concurs. When she was 30 and her best friend took her to Paddles, she was spanked in a dog cage with a water bowl under her chin. After that, spanking "became my boyfriend. Since then, she hasn't dated anyone seriously. But Jules is far from lonely. Two years ago, she was spanked by a then year-old man named Mike Tanner, and their connection was so strong that she e-mailed him afterward and asked if he'd be interested in doing it again.

He was, and now Jules spends about five nights a week at his house in Pennsylvania. To hear her tell it, the fact that Mike has a wife and kids only makes the experience all the better. His wife, Miranda Marx, is also part of the spanking community she was manning the raffle table at the party and Miranda jokes about having given birth to Jules.

Suggest other forms of punishment. Different Forms Of Spanking distractions. Other forms of physical abuse can include:.

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