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Essay On The Confederate Flag

John H. There are now debates on whether Essay On The Confederate Flag action of removing the flag is justified, or simply an overreaction. If we stand by and let Why I Chose Social Work Essay flag continue to exist, then the black community will strike back in Essay On The Confederate Flag way that the American people Slavery In The Middle Passage not expecting, Essay On The Confederate Flag lead us into a war that we are not prepared Essay On The Confederate Flag. On June 20, Essay On The Confederate Flag of people rallied in front of the South Carolina State House in protest of the flag. It Essay On The Confederate Flag a definite border between some citizens and a huge Essay On The Confederate Flag problem.

A Brief History Of: The Confederate Flag*

Is the flying of the confederate flag on public property unconstitutional. Summary of Evidence After the Civil War of the United States went under Reconstruction where not only the relationship between the Northern and Southern states was being fixed but Radical Republicans were trying to give freed slaves rights in the South. This angered the Southerners for their strong belief that slaves should not be free men. From the resentment the Ku Klux Klan was created on December 24, and soon spread throughout the country. Many Southerners included the Whig party feared that President Lincoln if elected would outlaw slavery all together. Because of this dispute, Southern states including South Carolina began the process of secession wanting to make a political statement.

This statement, however, brought about a war in which the Northern and Western states and territories fought to preserve the Union, and the South fought to establish Southern independence as a new confederation of states under its own constitution. Similar to the ideologies of the Republicans, Seward believed that slavery was unjust and humans were granted the r Both abolitionists agreed that compromise was not probable and slave labor was morally wrong. Thus, its expansion must be halted.

Similarly the Southern Democrats, although their ideology was the opposite, were not willing to compromise on the issue of the expansion of slavery. Southern Democrat, James Henry Hammond, believed that slavery was necessary for the economic growth of the nation and without it, the North would also perish. The erection of the Confederate flag was a reaction preponderantly to desegregation and has become a contributing factor to the pain of racism; it should be lowered as soon as possible.

This major controversy over the runaway slaves sparked the beginning of the Civil War. The northerners felt that slavery was an act that was in opposition to the United States Constitution. The Constitution states that all people were entitled to their basic rights, to which the suspected runaway slaves were being denied. It was known that some blacks in the North were free, yet they were still being accused of being a runaway during this time of chaos. The differences in motives lead to the question, was the Civil War a war to end slavery?

Home Page The Confederate Flag. The Confederate Flag Powerful Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. The boycott is what initially brought life to this issue. Anti-flag articles are more likely to be found published in well-known Liberal magazines, when credible pro-flag articles were hard to find. The main issue of the debate, which is a definition argument, includes one that argues the meaning of the Confederate flag and what it stands for, and from it many arguments stem that make up the intense debate about the Confederate flag. The Civil War being about slavery is one of the first things addressed in both types of articles.

Within this argument, the pro-flag groups claim that many blacks fought for the Confederacy. An anti-flag argument to prove that the Confederate flag is connected to slavery is that it was raised in response to the civil rights movement that was going on in An even amount of pathos and logos is used among the opposing groups, but the anti-flag articles tend to have more ethical appeal and fewer flaws in their a Work Cited Eric Foner.

James F. With recent events, such as the Charleston, North Carolina shooting, the flag has been scrutinized. This flag is extremely. In society, the confederate flag has been an underlying cause of controversy. Recently, in Charleston, a man who supported the confederate flag shot nine innocent people. To some people, the confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride, a way to connect with their ancestors who fought under the flag. To others, the flag symbolizes a lifetime of prejudice and racial bias against African Americans during and.

The Confederate Flag has always been heritage of our history, but over time this has slightly shifted. The flag has also been a representation of intense racism that many racists still express and African Americans strongly oppose. The horrid actions of one man cause a mass dispute over the flag. To this day the debate continues over whether the flag should stay or go and what it truly symbolizes. On June 17, one man, Dylann. Although some people see the flag in South Carolina as a sign of respect for the fallen soldiers, others see it as a symbol of racism and hate. Representative Joseph Neal stated, "my heritage is based on a group of people who were brought here in chains, who were denigrated, demagogued, lynched, and killed, denied the right to vote and the right to even start a family" Murphy.

Many people have similar views when it comes to the Confederate flag, especially after a radical, racist man named Dylann. The Civil War is long over, and the United States has experienced much growth and development since its end, much of this due to the outcome of the war. A new, united America flourished throughout the late eighteen hundreds gaining a great deal of power through high levels of commerce and trade. There is no doubt that America is better off now because of the outcome of the War between the States. However, many of the. The Confederate Flag and its Multifarious Meanings Research Paper For generations and generations, the Confederate flag has been a symbol of the Confederate states of America that shows southern pride and heritage to many.

It can be seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts, magnets, posters, and even tattoos. To many Americans, it shows respect and is referred to as a memorial piece for all the soldiers of the south who lost their lives in the massive battle of the Civil War. What isn 't apparent right. Home Page Confederate Flag. Free Confederate Flag Essays and Papers. Satisfactory Essays. Page 1 of 50 - About essays. Powerful Essays. The Confederate Flag.

The problem with extremist versions of history can Essay On The Confederate Flag seen now in the twentieth century south. Surprisingly Nt1310 Unit 7 ironically, both are African-American citizens. March 14, Roof also had Essay On The Confederate Flag website that was registered to Essay On The Confederate Flag.

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