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The Snow Walker

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Smith chose the short story "Walk Well, My Brother" because of its simplicity, placing two people against the elements of the Northwest Territories, but incorporated elements from "The Blood in their Veins" and other, closely related Mowat stories in his screenplay. The Snow Walker cast Canadian actors in the primary roles, and numerous Inuit people, including the lead actress Annabella Piugattuk. She was selected after the casting director reviewed hundreds of young women, many of whom were, like Piugattuk, non-actors.

She was chosen for her fluency in both her native language and English, as well as her knowledge of native hunting and survival techniques, which brought verisimilitude to her role. Additionally, co-producer John Houston grew up in an Inuit village. The Snow Walker received generally favorable reviews upon its release. In his review in Jam! Showbiz , Bruce Kirkland called it a "powerful, poignant and transcendent film", writing, " The Snow Walker is wonderfully acted, especially by Pepper—who is as technically proficient as any young actor in Canada—and by Piugattuk, who had never acted before, but displays a naturalism that allows her to display the emotional and spiritual nature of her people while still being an eccentric and intriguing individual.

She is flesh-and-blood, not a type All the elements are subtly brought together under Smith's strong hand as director. In his review in Epinions , Joe McMaster gave the film four out of five stars, noting, "For a basic story of survival, I found it to be very intriguing. The plot is solid and the script intelligent and realistic. The film has a good pace to it no noticeable flaws. Barry Pepper and new comer Annabella Piugattuk aced their roles. Barry Pepper is a superb actor and his performance in this film is just another feather in his hat. In his review in Reel Film Reviews , David Nusair gave The Snow Walker three out of five stars, singling out the performances of Barry Pepper and first-time actress Piugattuk who "proves to be a natural performer.

But given the skill with which this spare story has been filmed, it's hard not to be entertained on some level. In his review in Film Critic , Christopher Null wrote, "A little The Edge , a little Dances with Wolves , this adventure oddity is surprisingly watchable while featuring two stars who never learn to fully communicate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the fantasy novel series, see Snow-Walker. Release date. Running time. Izzard Greg Spottiswood as Mr. Retrieved: October 5, Showbiz , December 1, Like Thomas Jane or Peter Facinelli, Barry Pepper is one of those quirkily handsome types that Hollywood producers can't figure out what to do with, though they know they should keep trying.

To date, Pepper has done his best work in made-for-TV or indie projects. Pepper plays a self-centered '50s seaplane pilot who makes a deal with some Eskimos to transport a sick woman Annabella Piugattuk to a hospital. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge Charles Dawson Shanly.

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